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agosto 2022

Over 100 professionals!

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You only begin to change, grow and transform yourself once you leave your comfort zone.💆🏼‍♀️🔄

The events of recent years have obliged us all to adapt, hastening evolution and change, which in Bmotion’s case has been a true success story. Today, we would like to share, with you all, the immense joy that we feel at having reached the figure of 100 professionals employed by Bmotion in Madrid and Barcelona‼️

A team that outdoes itself with every new event and does justice to our slogan “Growing with you🚀”.

Bmotion continues to advance, thanks to the professional growth of each and every one of its members. A great company is made with great people.

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“Why, why, why” , the finishing touch

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As a finishing touch to Uala Tech, the Open Days that we celebrated in Espacio Ventas on July 7th and 8th, part of our team lived a very refreshing and fun moment when part of our team threw into the spectacular pool that had been specially built for the event to sign together the song “WHY, WHY, WHY”.

It has been two intense days to meet the talent, technology and teamwork of Bmotion flooded with our own “WHY”, our purpose and mission as a company: to help our clients hold successful events with the highest professional and ethical standards, through an intelligent and innovative use of technology and audiovisual design and to build a great company and a great workplace that attracts and retain exceptional people.

Thank you for your commitment, professionalism, willingness and attitude. Inside and outside the events, we couldn’t be more proud of all the professionals that make up our company.

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An immersive afterwork

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On the 7th of July we organized a fun afterwork with the collaboration of Espacio Ventas, Mice Catering, Agencia Manifiesto, Ipmark, and Workoutevents at the fantastic Espacio Ventas, which hosted the event. Attendees were able to see as well part of the immersive audiovisual experience that we had prepared in Espacio Ventas for Uala Tech, our open days and get a small sample of what the most innovative audiovisual solutions and software developments for events that we are able to provide.

Thank you all for attending, our partners for helping us organize it and special thanks to Mice Catering for delighting us with their expectacular service, professionalism and willingness.

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Uala Tech, the Bmotion Open Days

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On the 7th and 8th of July we celebrated Uala Tech, the Bmotion Open Days in @espacioventasevents, the perfect place for our team to present to our clients and friends a mix of audiovisual technology and immersive mapping, impressive content and lighting design, metaverse and the latest applications conceived by Bmotion to enhance and increase the ROI of your next face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events. We would like to thank all those who have accompanied us in these intense days of inspiration, creativity and technology. Thanks once again to @espacioventasevents for allowing us to develop our open days in such a special place located in the heart of Madrid.

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