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In an increasingly competitive world where technology and innovative content is more and more demanded, our Design and Content Creation team remains at the forefront of new technologies and digital tools. We create innovative and creative proposals, wowing your audience while keeping the budget under control.

One of the main challenges when conceptualizing your event is the development of audiovisual content, quite often we know the WHAT but not the HOW, we use our expertise to make your ideas come true into content and effective creative proposals, turning your events into high-impact immersive experiences. The perfect integration between form and substance…

Contenidos audiovisuales

3d Mapping

3D mapping is a great resource for making impressive presentations in which we can turn any object or structure into projected video surfaces with a three-dimensional effect, projecting on anything from a car to a large facade. 3D MAPPING is the perfect mix between art, motion graphics and optical illusion.

We specialize in the development of these spectacular 3D projects, from the conceptualization and design, using the latest technologies in your presentation. In short, we are capable of projecting any surface in the most creative and innovative way possible, enhancing the impact of your events and your brand.


APP development

We use state-of-the-art technology to develop applications that will allow you to manage all the processes related to the organization and logistics of congresses, corporate events and exhibitions, making them simpler, and more cost efective.

The use of technologies like Beacons, NFC or QR codes and tools such like push messages, interactive questionnaires, chats, calendars, among others, help to optimize the general management of the event, improving the registration processes, managing sponsors, presentations and attendees, resulting in a better experience for all parties involved.


Imteractive solutions

Now the audience says as much as the speaker. Allow attendees to participate, interact and have fun, feeling like part of the event and engaged as opposite to passive viewers. We create customized interactive solutions for each project and developments specially designed for your brand.

We design and develop interactive content and interactive apps for corporate events, to achieve and measure results so we make sure that your message reaches your target, improving the experience and making a difference.

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality environments where the participant will live totally immersive experiences

Presentations with image designed to blend in with real life, as if by magic. We generate impressive 3D virtual content to interact with your real environment in your presentations, exhibitions or corporate events and generate impact on your audience and create a truly memorable experience. Augmented reality technology fills the reality around us virtual information and multiple digital content that you can see on the screen or on a mobile device.



State-of-the-art technology using a very complex technology to produce unique three dimensional images which can combine with live performances or speakers, as if it you were in a science fiction movie, in real time.

Product and services exhibition with an impressive and quite affordable technology. Not only do we have the necessary hardware and technology, we also develop custom holographic content according to your needs.


Increase the participation and motivation of your audience with a customized gamification and measure the user experience and collecting all data about their behaviour and engagement during the event.

Our team of developers will help you turn activities into fun experiential and learning processes, increasing engagement and participants’ attention.


Video editing and post-production

Intro videos, , event recap videos, bumpers and any kind of video resource for your projects and corporate events. Our editing and post-production team will facilitate both the creative and technical process so that you can show your content in a dynamic way and adjusted to all formats and platforms to integrate them into your events.

Our design and content department has professional software, technical resources and specialized personnel to achieve the best high-quality videos and optimize the results of your events.

Do you need help with the audiovisual content of your event?