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Creative sets and Stands

Design and construction

Great events require impressive scenarios, innovative ephemeral constructions and with cutting-edge technology. We develop different proposals, consistent with your brand strategy  to enhance the experience of your attendees.

Our 100% recyclable and reusable modular stand building and stage system can be covered with panels, textiles, or LED modules, combining with a custom-build look creative set, meeting the needs of any kind of event.

  • Furniture and Displays
  • Exhibition halls
  • Pop Up stroes
  • Photocalls
  • Projection and Led screens
  • Assembly and disassembly in record time
  • Minimalist and seamless designs
  • Lightweight aluminum frames
  • 100% recyclable and sustainability certified

Creative sets and Stands

Creative sets

Every venue has its limitations but we make the most of it using our creativity and expertise. At Bmotion we mix cutting-edge design, technology and audiovisual resources to offer unforgettable audiovisual experiences.

Creative sets tailored to your needs, LED screens, 3D mapping, dynamic and interactive content, and an endless number of technical and audiovisual resources so that the stage creates an impact.

As part of the creative process we use 3D rendering software so you can visualize your project beforehand, so that we ensure that it will look exactly the same in the live event, and avoid any surprises.



Innovative turn key solutions that fit your ephemeral projects like Pop up stores, stands and hospitalities.

Thanks to our innovative modular system we create high quality creative stands to put your brand in style. No matter what the occasion, fairs, exhibitions or conferences, our team will dedicate all the human and technological resources necessary to create a good brand experience and stand out from the competition.

From conception of the project until its completion, from design to execution, we work aligned with brand style and goals so that you only have to take care of enjoying the results.



En los eventos del futuro, la audiencia dice tanto como el ponente. Permite que los asistentes participen, interactúen y se diviertan, sintiéndose protagonistas y no solo espectadores. Soluciones personalizadas para cada proyecto y desarrollos interactivos especialmente concebidos para tu marca.

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