Events and natural selection

It seems like yesterday that we were all racing through our frenetic day-to-day lives full of events and meetings, with no time to manage even our own agendas. In just a few weeks, COVID-19 has made us full stop and hit a wall made of interrupted plans and cancelled events.

The growth of the MICE industry has come to an abrupt stop in this war where the common enemy is an invisible virus, a bug that has changed all the game rules. We have stopped thinking about audiovisual technology, logistics and event ROI, to worry about our most primary needs, such as health, security and the future.

In this situation where nothing seems real, we feel strange, vulnerable and isolated; but now more than ever, and like the little mice in the book Who Moved My Cheese, we have to choose between complaining, or wearing our running shoes to look for solutions to the enormous changes and challenges we will have to face in the mid term.

Among this uncertainty, the only thing that seems clear is that we will stand up for ourselves together. Now is the right time to develop associative projects and to keep in mind that it is do or die. Being involved in associations, reflecting together and creating community is key to reaching solutions to common needs.

This is the perfect time for communication and meetings, even if they have to be virtual. Let’s take advantage of this golden opportunity to be prepared at the starting line, fast and agile when we can organize face-to-face events again.

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