Safety and Health at Work

Hagamos eventos más sostenibles y seguros

Although today we celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, at Bmotion we work every day to improve our safety and health protocols, which are one of our pillars and objectives for sustainable development. For years we have been committed to training and awareness in the events sector, and as a result we have been certified in ISO 45001, a norm that promotes sustainability by improving health and well-being at work. Safety training and awareness  in our industry are essential to ensure that our workers have a better quality of life, that sustainable employment is created and that our events are free of any danger or risk for workers, attendees and organizers. Here are some best practices to making our events safer:

1. Identify.

Make a risk assessment, implementing control measures and designing the event from the point of view of prevention and potential risks management.

2. Reasonable schedules.

Try your best to organize a reasonable schedule, with time enough for preparation and rehearsals and that the set-up is not scheduled overnight. In our industry we are often obliged to work overtime and night hours and night set-ups, ignoring physical factors and fatigue. This increases the danger, both for the staff and for the success of the event, increasing the risk of accidents and failures. Remember: the sustainability objectives of your event should not only refer to the environmental part, but should also take into account the working conditions and health of the professionals who make it possible.

3. Awareness

Offer adequate training to your employees, it is important that you have available well trained professionals as preventive resources, both in your facilities and in your onsite events.

4. Monitoring.

Actively and strictly monitoring compliance with all safety measures at all times, including the condition of employees’ PPEs and its correct use.

5. Reassessment.

Assess at least once a year your prevention policies, processes and PPE, make sure you have appropriate advice for their supervision.

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