Large congresses return, powered now, more than ever, by technology

Last week we provided all the audiovisual media, and digital platforms at the EAGE Annual Conference, a large hybrid congress with 4500 registered participants, which has been held in Madrid with 18 hybrid rooms, 2 theaters and 4 meeting rooms, with 133 sessions and more than 900 presentations. The annual EAGE conference is the largest Geoscience, Engineering and Energy Transition conference held in Europe, for the more than 19,000 members of the association. We are very grateful to EAGE for choosing us once again, to be their audiovisual partner for a such a remarkable conference, where digital technology and audiovisual media have been key factors for the success of the event.

Once again, BMOTION has put together a perfect coordination and a great deployment of digital developments and audiovisual technical production, supplying and managing the most advanced digital platforms wich were required for the prior preparation of this international event. Part of the success of the perfect execution on the onsite, is due to the fact that before the event, the 1800 files with presentations and videos and the eposters were uploaded by the 970 speakers through our platforms, being automatically indexed and scheduled in the allocated rooms, which greatly facilitates the review for the organization and reduces the risk of errors onsite. Once at IFEMA, we have fully equipped the rooms of the North Zone with all the necessary audiovisual technology for the development of the conference, with more than 8 presentation rooms, 3 e-poster stations and 9 Domes located in the pavilions. Each room had available a streaming system, video connection of speakers and robotic cameras for virtual attendees who were able to follow the conference remotely.

We have managed to produce this multi-room conference, with a minimal number of operational staff in the rooms thanks to a precise management design with numerous automations that included, among other technologies, interactive lecterns equipped with an intuitive and innovative advanced digital platform, so that each speaker was able to safely open and manage their own presentation without the need of a dedicated technician. We are very proud of our technical, digital development, and production team, which has proven once again that their experience and coordination are an essential contribution to the success of this type of international hybrid congresses.

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