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Leaders in the world of Audiovisual Design

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Today we want to share with you a sample of how our specialists in each discipline join forces to transform ideas into global and powerful audiovisual designs and get the most out of the chosen event venue. The result? A differentiating audiovisual show that captivates attendees and leaves its mark. 🌟👣

At Bmotion, every project is an opportunity to surpass ourselves and take technology and audiovisual design to the next level, ensuring that your attendees receive the message you want to convey in an impactful way.

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RFID and QR Control Access Solutions, Faste entrance without waiting times.

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Are you a Meeting planner or PCO and access is always a problem?

The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and QR (Square Barcodes) technologies for access control at events and congresses is the solution. In the case of QR codes, attendees can scan the code on their mobile devices at the entrances or, if you prefer to use RFID technology, you can even incorporate wristbands or automated reading tags at the entry and exit points.

In Bmotion we have all the solutions to give you a complete access control service, to access your events faster and efficiently.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time:

📞 91 632 45 15 (Madrid) / 93 722 35 16 (Barcelona)

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Training by Audiovisual Industry Experts

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All last week was a learning experience for our technicians, who have participated in workshops and training sessions by audiovisual industry experts.

We addressed the latest trends in audiovisual technology, the advanced use of sound, lighting and video equipment, as well as different creative techniques to design and set up impressive scenarios with mapping.

We encourage the talent and training of our team, to achieve and exceed our goal of offering unforgettable experiences to our clients.

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Sustainability as a priority

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How many materials are used for a few hours during an event and then discarded doing harm to the environment and making a useless expense?

The guests arrive and we want our decoration and set up of ephemeral architecture to be super cool, exclusive and sustainable. No problem: Our modular systems can be dressed in any way with different skins so you can enjoy the most impressive design saving costs with the reuse of graphic elements and ephemeral architecture.

We use eco-responsible materials for your booths, scenographies and hospitalities, so you will have all the advantages of an ultra-fast assembly without compromising the impressiveness or the environment.

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Experience the latest technology in audiovisual equipment. It may look the same, but it’s not the same!

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Watching a movie in the cinema isn’t the same as watching it at home, right? This is how our latest technology audiovisual solutions will deliver your message in the most immersive and exciting way. 🎬😬⚡️

Demanding the highest quality in audiovisual equipment and its proper maintenance is the guarantee of success of your event. Don’t risk the most important day: audiovisual technology elevates your events to another level.

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Put the assistant in the center

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Our world has changed: Events are now a center of learning and participation, a meeting place where we experience collective emotions.

You no longer have to choose, or deal with multiple suppliers to have it all, because we offer you the best of both worlds: the most impressive face-to-face event experience, enhanced with all the advantages, interactivity and real-time information offered by the digital connection.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with the most advanced audiovisual and digital solutions that will help you achieve the desired engagement. Not only we provide you with the latest in audiovisual technology, but we take it to the next level with content design, set ups and digital developments. We rely on virtual reality, lighting, gamification or immersive and metaverse environments to engage attendees, generate connection with the brand and ensure a memorable experience in line with your objectives.

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Day of summer meetings in Bmotion

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Last Monday we celebrated our traditional summer gathering, which brings us closer to the end of a great season of events. It has been a fun day of fellowship, full of dynamics that value the wonderful DNA shared by the great human team of Bmotion.

We thank all our team for participating in this special day and thanks to  @espacioventasevents for allowing us to develop our day in their venue.

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UALA TECH New edition in Barcelona

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On June 26th and 27th we celebrated a new edition of Uala Tech, the Open Days of Bmotion at the @intercontinental_barcelona.

Thank you to all who have joined us in these intense days of inspiration, creativity and technology to know our latest developments and services, thanks also to @intercontinental_barcelona for allowing us to have our days in their amazing facilities.

Remember that this is just a small sample of what we are able to offer to generate value in your events. We leave you a recap of what we lived at the Uala Tech BCN! 👏

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Inspire emotions. Conquer minds. Make them fall in love with your content

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The quality of the hardware is understood but another key to success during your event is in the digital apps, content and graphic design that you use to communicate your message in a powerful way to attract and retain the attention of the attendees in this environment over saturated with information.

We are passionate about finding new ways for you to tell your stories to the participants. When our team of designers, programmers and experts in audiovisual production gets down to work, it is the perfect chance to integrate all the design, interactivity and audiovisual technology you need in your storytelling.

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A setup whuch lighting and sound are everything

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This week we want to share with you the setup we are doing for a national tour for one of our clients.

A scenario in which lighting and sound merge to create the ideal framework for a unique dance performance, which stages and represents the symptoms of the disease that is the focus of this tour.

We are very grateful to @agenciagrow for choosing us to provide all the audiovisual media that have allowed us to create an immersive experience for attendees and improve, in a powerful and creative way, the knowledge of the disease.

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