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quality policy



BMOTION AUDIOVISUAL S.L., whose activity is the rental of audiovisual equipment, technical production services and set design and graphic content for events, has a documented policy of quality, environmental management, information security and health and safety at work, which is specified in the following commitments:

  • Fulfilment of the applicable legal and technical requirements, as well as any other that BMOTION AUDIOVISUAL S.L. subscribes to related to the environmental and information security aspects generated by its work activity.
  • Pursue pollution prevention, environmental protection and others relevant to the context of the organisation, as well as to eliminate hazards and reduce OSH risks.
  • Orient the company’s activities and decisions to satisfy the customers’ needs and expectations, ensuring quality, information security, correct environmental management and occupational health and safety in all activities in order to guarantee the customer services provided.
  • Promote staff’s autonomy and initiative in order to contribute more effectively to the achievement of BMOTION AUDIOVISUAL S.L.’s objectives.
  • Empower staff autonomy and initiative to contribute more effectively to achieving BMOTION AUDIOVISUAL S.L.’s objectives.
  • Maintain a continuous improvement spirit of effectiveness in all activities related to the integrated management system and its performance.
  • BMOTION AUDIOVISUAL S.L. management and staff share and understand this managing system as a way of working for each and every one of its activities.
  • Consult and promote the participation of workers and workers’ representatives, if any, and provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries, deterioration of health and the nature of their OSH risks and opportunities.

This integrated management policy has been communicated both to company personnel and to all personnel and organisations working on behalf of BMOTION AUDIOVISUAL S.L., it is understood, applied and kept up to date at all levels of the organisation and its effectiveness and compliance is regularly monitored.

In addition, this integrated management policy is available to any person or organisation interested in knowing about it.

Management establishes and reviews its environmental, safety, occupational health and safety, quality and information security objectives and targets, using the defined policy as a guideline, establishing the responsibilities for achieving them, setting the criteria for action and providing the necessary resources to achieve the generic objectives and targets of the integrated management policy. 

Madrid, September 15, 2020

Integrated quality policy