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Technical production

Logistics and consulting

We are leaders in providing comprehensive audiovisual solutions. We have the experience to contribute and advise which is the best solution for you to get the best results out of your event regardless of its size. We propose the best solutions and a comprehensive service throughout the entire process, from prospecting to execution.

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Technical production

Creative proposals and visual tools
We advise you through an efficient audiovisual design process. We structure each project with AutoCad-based floorplans design, renders and diagrams helping you to visualize the layout and design of the solution. We produce the stunning videos, applications, stage set design and digital content that you need for a perfect and smooth event experience.

· 3D design
· Video mappings
· Video content and 2D-3D animations

Detailed planning,
We help you choosing the appropriate audiovisual media so that you get the most out of your event and greater ROI. We align your communication objectives, content and budget with the technical characteristics of the chosen venue. We design detailed proposals with the audiovisual media that you require to maximize the impact of the message.

· Site inspection
· Planimetry
· Carefully planned set-up

The experienced team of professionals you need to ensure a perfect result
Professionals who understand what is important for you. Our production experts are senior professionals who lead hundreds of events a year. An expert in audiovisual production will direct the execution from the site inspection to the closing of the event, and will ensure that everything is arranged according to the plans, that the safety regulations are observed and the agreed deadlines and timings for rehearsals and execution are met.

· Show calling
· Technical direction
· Production


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